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Del-One Stories is a series where real Del-One members share their own unique stories about their experiences with Del-One. We aim to enrich the lives of our member-owners, and are honored to act as financial partners through all stages of life.

Abigail’s Story

Hearing that her husband was diagnosed with cancer was terrifying, and finding out he only had a few months to live left them in a harsh reality. Abigail's passion for writing was at the heart of the deep connection she shared with her husband. She upholds his legacy by continuing to publish his unfinished works. Watch their story here.

Laurie’s Story

Laurie witnessed her daughter suffer and ultimately succumb to cancer. She watched on as the traditional hopes and worries of a young teenage girl gave way to those of chemotherapy, medical procedures, and remission. She experienced the devastating manner in which cancer can alter the course of a child’s life, robbing them of their carefree exuberance. After fulfilling her daughter's wish of starting Kay’s Kamp, Laurie witnessed the impact and importance camp had on the children. In this way, Laurie is giving the children of Kay’s Kamp what Kaylyn wanted herself: a place to leave her worries behind, a place to not worry about her scars, a place to be a kid again. Watch her story here.

Calvin’s Story

The Suggs are a family that, unfortunately, have a common story. They struggled financially for many years, falling into bad credit, and found themselves in a place where they never thought they’d be.It was with the help of their close relationships with friends and family that has helped them develop a sense of financial freedom. It has freed them from the worries and fears of financial hardships. Watch their story here.

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