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Employer Benefits

Boost company morale by partnering up with a local credit union

Share the Credit Union benefit with your Employees!  

Del-One FCU can provide the credit union benefits to your employees absolutely free with our Select Employer partnership. During difficult economic times, it is important to boost employee morale with benefits – Del-One Federal Credit Union offers this service at no cost. It is a win-win situation, don’t miss out!

Del-One FCU provides you with:

  • Regular on-site membership benefit visits
  • Representation at your events
  • New member packets for your employees
  • Paycheck inserts promoting membership, events, products, or offers
  • Free advertising opportunities with Del-One FCU
  • Flyers and brochures to display in your office(s)

Existing Select Employer Groups

Thank you for the valuable service you provide as the liaison between your company and Del-One Federal Credit Union. We have several tools available to help you provide information to your employees about the great benefits of credit union membership!

Open Enrollments

Representatives from Del-One FCU will visit your location to answer questions, take applications, and provide literature and giveaways to employees.  An open enrollment session can take place in a break area or conference room where employees can visit as they have time.  We will cater the visit to serve your needs.

For more information on these services, please contact the Business Development department at freebenefit@del-one.org or CLICK HERE for additional information.  

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