Overdraft Protection

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Overdraft Protection is a service that pulls funds from your savings account to pay for items when there are insufficient funds in your checking account.  A $2 fee will apply each time funds are pulled from your savings account to pay for an item in your checking account.


If your checking account is eligible, Courtesy Pay Privilege (CPP) may cover your transactions up to $750, for one charge of $25 per transaction.  Instead of returning an item to the affected merchant Del-One may pay the item; thereby saving you an additional return item charge from the merchant as well as a non-sufficient funds fee. The eligible account has up to 30 days to be brought current, either through direct deposit, transfer of funds, or in-person branch deposit.  CPP is not a loan and no additional agreements need to be signed.  This privilege costs nothing unless an item is covered.  If your checking account is eligible and you already have overdraft protection, CPP will only be in effect if there are not enough funds in the overdraft account to cover an item.  If your account is or is not eligible for CPP and if Del-One does or does not pay the item(s); you may still incur $25 as a Paid NSF Fee. 

Need another solution? Apply for an overdraft line of credit today to ensure additional overdraft protection. 

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