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How Your Company Benefits


Once available only for large corporations, credit union membership is now quickly becoming a benefit of choice for small and medium-sized companies, completing the employee benefits package with absolutely no change to the bottom line. Like the partnership we forge with each individual member, Del-One Federal Credit Union also partners with you to help your employees make the most of their credit union benefits. It's a unique approach to the specific needs of your company and how you operate. From lunchtime seminars to individual visits by credit union representatives, Del-One FCU can craft a plan to add value to the lives of your employees in a manner that fits with your operational structure.


If your company is searching for affordable ways to enhance your employee benefits package, credit union membership offers key advantages over other options you may be considering. First, it won't cost you to participate. Secondly, Del-One FCU offers your employees a great value on services they already need and use. Giving them access to financial tools that add value to their lives at home and at work simply makes good business sense. The result is retaining valuable employees through a more comprehensive benefits package you can implement immediately at no charge to you.


Del-One FCU provides you with:

  • Regular on-site membership benefit visits
  • Representation at your events
  • New member packets for your employees
  • Paycheck inserts promoting membership, events, products, or offers
  • Posters and brochures to display in your office(s)

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