Regulation D


Regulation D was imposed by the Federal Government effective August 1, 2018, and limits the number of withdrawals and transfers you can make per month from a savings account, which includes regular savings, money market, or club account, to a checking account or a third party.  

Regulation D was established to assist members in saving money with the thought that money deposited into a savings account was meant to stay as savings.  

A six (6) transfer/ withdrawal limit per month (money moving out of the account) has been placed on savings accounts at financial institutions, including Del-One FCU.  Every transaction over 6, in violation of Regulation D, will be charged a $10 fee (per transaction)

Click here for more information on which types of transactions are included in this regulation.

Additional tips to consider:

  • If you were in the habit of keeping the bulk of your funds in your savings account and transferring the funds to your checking only when needed, BREAK THAT HABIT to avoid these fees.
  • Instead, plan ahead and make one large transfer instead of several small transfers each month
  • Balance your checking account on a regular basis to help limit the number of transfers needed from savings
  • DO NOT set up ACH debits with merchants from savings accounts, only set them up with checking accounts

To view the updated fee schedule, please click here.  

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