Fee Schedule Update


Del-One Federal Credit Union would like to make you aware of a regulation imposed by the Federal Government regarding activity on your savings account at Del-One.  We will begin to enforce this regulation effective August 1, 2018.

Regulation D was established to assist members in saving money with the thought that money deposited into a savings account was meant to stay as savings. This regulation limits the number of transfers and withdrawals that you can make from a savings account (regular savings, money market, or club account) to a checking account or third party.  

A six (6) transfer/ withdrawal limit per month (money moving out of the account) has been placed on savings accounts at financial institutions, including Del-One FCU.  Beginning August 1, 2018, every transaction over 6, in violation of Regulation D, will be charged a $10 fee (per transaction)Click here for more information on which types of transactions are included in this regulation.

To view the updated fee schedule, please click here.  

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