VISA Credit Card


VISA Credit Card

Find the VISA card that fits your lifestyle and helps you live a better financial life.

Free yourself up to make purchases whenever you need to. VISA® credit cards boost purchasing power with low rates that won’t leave you in tears every month. Choose your card — including rewards cards with prize-redeeming points and cash back options — and build your credit for a healthy financial life.

Better Life VISA - Premier Card offering:  

Cash Back Options

uChoose Rewards - Points for merchandise, travel, and cash back options are earned at a rate of one point for every dollar spent; cash advances and balance transfers are excluded (

Instant Issue Capability

Variable Rate based on the Prime Rate

Student Life VISA offering:

Cash Back Options and uChoose Rewards

Instant Issue Capability

Variable Rate based on the Prime Rate

No Minimum Credit Score to Qualify 

*Conditions & Restrictions apply

VISA Account Updater

Effective October 1, 2017, your Del-One VISA Debit and/or VISA Credit card will be automatically enrolled  in the VISA Account Updater service.  

VISA Account Updater is a service that will provide card number and expiration date updates to merchants who maintain card records on file, typically for recurring payments.  This service provides updates to the VISA network.  In turn, VISA makes this information available to card-on-file (COF) merchants who elect to participate in the service.  COF merchants keep card numbers on file for recurring payments. Examples include subscription services (such as Netflix) and utility companies.

Participating merchants will receive this information automatically and electronically, lessening the likelihood of manual entry error.  Recurring payments are more likely to be successful because updated card information is readily available to participating merchants.  

If you do not want to utilize this service, you may opt-out.  If you opt-out of this automatic update, you will be responsible to notify merchants whenever you receive an updated Del-One VISA Debit and/or VISA Credit card.  To OPT-OUT:  Call (302) 739-4496 or visit any branch location. 


Additional benefits include:    

  • No balance transfer fees or annual fees
  • Low rates – 0% APR for the first 6 months (not valid on Shared Secured VISA Credit Cards)
  • Payment protection
  • Emergency cash advances & card replacement — no limit on cash advances (up to card limit)
  • Authorized users can obtain their own card; more than one card per account is available at no additional charge
  • 25-day grace period on purchases
  • Check your account status and pay bills online
  • Easily transfer payment funds from your savings or checking account
  • uChoose Rewards available with Better Life and Silver VISA credit cards
    • Points for merchandise and travel are earned at a rate of one point for every dollar spent; cash advances and balance transfers are excluded
    • Cash back rewards offered for Better LIfe VISA credit card only
    • Register and redeem your points online
  • Mobile Wallet - now compatible with Apple, Android and Samsung Pay!
  • Visa Checkout compatible
  • Easily replaced if lost or stolen
  • EMV chipped
  • Loan products are not federally insured by NCUA

Call 866-795-1421 for automated customer service, lost or stolen cards, disputes, PIN changes, and credit card activation.

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