For Immediate Release
Del-One Contact: Amy Resh, Director of Marketing
Date: October 2022

“Certified Credit Counselors at Del-One!”

Several Del-One Federal Credit Union teammates earned their certification through the National Association of Certified Credit Counselors. The curriculum of the N.A.C.C.C. “promotes a holistic approach to financial counseling and coaching, which emphasizes not only the financial side of debt-related issues but also the emotional/cognitive aspects related to destructive money behaviors.”

Del-One members will now be able to book appointments with a member of this team to assist with overcoming financial challenges. Donna Robinson, Director of Branch Operations stated: “This team will also play an active role in the Financial Education Initiative for 2023 by working together to host workshops in our communities and schools. We are excited to see this team in action!” President and CEO Ron Baron added, “I applaud these teammates for stepping forward to be the first of many teammates who will also follow in this group’s footsteps to become Certified Credit Counselors.”

Pictured L-R:  Asst. Director of Branch Operations Adrian Romero, President/CEO Ron Baron, Certified Credit Counselors Tiara Neal, Angela Mills, Maria Hinojoza, Johnetta Hinton & Shaleek Drayton, Director of Branch Operations Donna Robinson, and Asst. Director of Branch Operations Christy Johnson.