For Immediate Release
Del-One Contact: Amy Resh, Director of Marketing
Date: September 2023

“Del-One FCU CEO Nominated for Board Seat”

Ronald Baron, President & CEO of Del-One Federal Credit Union in Dover, Delaware, has been nominated to be on the ballot for the 2023 Delaware Member Director Election for the Federal Home Loan Bank of Pittsburgh (“FHLBank Pittsburgh”). Mr. Baron states: “I am humbled to be nominated for the director seat that will represent Delaware financial institutions. As member institutions of FHLBank Pittsburgh, we must advocate for those who face financial challenges in the communities we serve. The FHLBank System provides tools and programs that help us make a positive impact in our underserved communities, and I am excited about potentially having a larger voice in that mission.”

FHLBank Pittsburgh is one of 11 regional banks that comprise the FHLBank System. As of December 31, 2022, there were 282 financial institution members in the States of Delaware, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia that were served by FHLBank Pittsburgh. Their mission of assuring the flow of credit to support housing finance and community lending, as well as providing related services that enhance businesses and vitalize communities, is complementary to the mission of Del-One. Del-One exists to empower the financial wellness of its’ members and its’ communities.  This commitment is demonstrated through its involvement with the Springboard Collaborative through the Pallet Village in Georgetown, the Banking Desert Initiative in New Castle that is focused on bringing financial education, services, and products to this underserved community, and its work in supporting the Hispanic community through La Esperanza in Georgetown and the Latin American Community Center in Wilmington, among many others.

Mr. Baron’s strong financial background and commitment to serving the underserved would be a valuable addition to the FHLBank Pittsburgh Board of Director’s, and Mr. Baron would be proud and honored to be chosen for this prestigious role.