For Immediate Release
Del-One Contact: Amy Resh, Director of Marketing
Date: April 2022

“Del-One Honored for Banking Desert Initiative Effort”

The New Castle Prevention Coalition (N.C.P.C.) presented Del-One FCU President/CEO Ron Baron with a Community Partner Award at their 1st Annual Awards Ceremony and Banquet on Saturday, April 2, 2022.  The N.C.P.C. believes that “great people are not raised – they are born, and they are strategically placed in communities to help others.”  Sandra Smithers, Co-Chair of the N.C.P.C. wrote to CEO Baron, “we have had an opportunity to experience your greatness by what you have done for the Route 9 community with Del-One’s Banking Desert Initiative.”  The Banking Desert Initiative was established to benefit an area in the Route 9 Corridor where residents needed the services of a financial institution.  Del-One placed a micro-branch at the Rose Hill Community Center in 2019 and continues to support the Route 9 area community by sponsoring and participating in various events and holding round-table discussions, small business forums and financial literacy presentations for the residents.

For more information on the Banking Desert Initiative, please visit


Pictured L-R:  Del-One President/CEO Ron Baron, Lazarus Educational Services Inc Founder Dr. Rosie Tooley, & Del-One CFO Kellie Rychwalski