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Additional Services

Better life, better banking, better services — our promise to you

At Del-One FCU, we believe in putting you — our member — first. We offer comprehensive services to fulfill all of your banking needs, and we strive to make your experience as convenient as possible!

Here are some of the helpful services we offer to our members:

Automatic Payroll Deduction 

A convenient option for members, automatic payroll deduction makes saving easy, keeps loans current, and helps to keep credit ratings in good standing! Deductions can be made to loans and share accounts, and funds received are posted the same day they are received by the companies.

Direct Deposit

Make your deposits safely and easily by having your paycheck credited to your account automatically every payday!


Transfer money from your account directly into another person’s account through online banking. Simply log in, click on the Bill Pay tab, then click on “What Else Can I Do?” Here, you’ll find the Popmoney tab. Click on it and then click on the “Send Money” button. Direct who is going to receive the money (“To”), the amount, and a message. You can identify recipients by their mobile phone, email address, or bank account number if you know it. Money can be directed into a Del-One FCU account or any account at any other financial institution! 

Safe Deposit Boxes (Smyrna, West Dover & Milford branches only) 

Choose the safe and secure way to hold important documents and items. Annual charges vary depending on the size of the safe deposit box.  Safe deposit boxes are not federally insured by NCUA.

Free Coin Redemption for Members

This free service is available to members in all branches. There’s no need to roll your coins anymore!

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    Apply for a Loan Online

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    Open an Account Online

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