Share Certificates

A safety net for your safety net

Enjoy a risk-free investment

Become a serious investor with a secure Share Certificate from Del-One FCU. The term is up to you and longer terms earn higher rates—so you’ll know exactly how much you’re getting and when. No guesswork. No gambling. Just a set-it-and-forget-it way to grow your savings without a second thought.

Concerned about being locked into a low rate? With a special Bump-Rate Certificate, you’ll have the option to, at any point during your term, perform a one-time increase to bump up your rate to the rate currently being offered.

Fixed rates, above average savings

Longer terms lead to higher rates

No setup or maintenance fees

A wide range of terms available

Jumbo Share and IRA Certificates are available

Provides guaranteed rate of return

Deposits are federally insured by NCUA with additional insurance provided by ESI.

  • $500 minimum deposit to open
  • Early withdrawals subject to penalties:
    • Terms of 6 months or less – 31 days' dividends
    • Terms of 12 months – 91 days' dividends
    • Terms longer than 12 months – 181 days' dividends

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