WINcentive® Savings.
Because Cash Prizes Rule.

Why just build your savings, when you can save AND be entered in drawings for cash prizes at the same time? Talk about a win-win.

How it Works:

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    Open an account.

    Open a new account to start saving with as little as $5!

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    Make deposits for drawing entries.

    Each month, earn one entry to win for every $25 you save*!

    Maximize your chance to win by saving at least $100 each month*.

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    Save for a year.

    Cross your fingers and hope to WIN! You have multiple chances to win throughout the year.

    The prize pool consists of:

    • 25 Monthly drawings of $50
    • 3 Quarterly drawings of $500
    • 3 Annual drawings of $1,000
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    Watch your savings grow.

    Watch your savings grow over time in your account!

    Each year, you may withdraw funds from your WINcentive penalty-free during your anniversary month.

    Use the savings to invest in a high-yield account, go on vacation, make a downpayment on a car-it’s up to you!

Ready to Start Winning Cash?

If you’re a Member of Del-One FCU,  you can start saving – with 25 or more chances to win cash each month!

To qualify to win a WINcentive drawing, the following requirements must be met:

  • Credit union member must be in good standing
  • Limited to 1 WINcentive account per person
  • Member must be a resident of Delaware, Virginia, New Jersey, or Maryland
  • Business and trust accounts, or other non-member accounts, are not eligible
  • WINcentive account must be open and active to win during drawing period
  • Each member may only win once per drawing pool; for example, an account holder, regardless of the number of entries, may only win 1 monthly state-wide drawing per month, and 1 quarterly state-wide drawing per quarter.

One penalty-free withdrawal during anniversary month:

After a member has reached their 12-month anniversary date from account opening, they may make one penalty-free withdrawal from the account during the anniversary month.

  • For example, if someone opens a WINcentive on October 24, 2023, they have all of October 2024 to exercise their one-time penalty-free withdrawal.

After 12 consecutive months of saving, the account will automatically roll-over to a new 12-month savings period. As a reward for saving, the balance will also reset to zero at the beginning of the new program savings period. The member will earn entries in the new month based on the current new balance.

  • For example, if someone has a $100 balance in their WINcentive at the end of their 12-month anniversary and they choose to continue to leave the balance in the account, they will have already earned their 4 qualifying entries for the upcoming month’s drawing.

Maximum of two withdrawals per 12-month period (fees apply):

Early withdrawals made during the 12-month savings period prior to the anniversary date are subject to penalties as follows. Note: Fees can reduce earnings.

  • First withdrawal: $10
  • Second withdrawal: $25
  • Third withdrawal: Account closure is required (no penalty); all entries forfeited.

Account Closure

An account can be closed at any time. If an account is closed, the member is ineligible to open another WINcentive Account for a period of 90 days and all entries earned to that point are also forfeited upon closure.

*See Member Participant Agreement for full terms and conditions.