Meet Breezy,

Del-One FCU's Virtual Assistant!

here to answer questions and make banking a breeze for you!

Who is Breezy?

You may have noticed our little friend Breezy at the lower right-hand corner of the Del-One FCU website or heard him answer your phone call. Breezy is an AI-powered virtual assistant that is available 24/7 to assist you with your common banking questions, help you find resources on and off the website, help you with account transactions, and more.

Breezy makes banking simple

The goal of Breezy is to provide you with self-service options and assist with finding answers to your questions quickly and seamlessly, which allows us more time to focus on our members’ experience. Breezy offers an alternative channel to assist you, which will decrease your wait times, and make banking a breeze for you!

What can Breezy help you with?
  • Account balance
  • Transaction history
  • Locations and hours of operation
  • Fund transfers

and more!

Breezy learns more and more with every interaction. So, every time you ask breezy for a question or request, you are helping make Breezy’s proficiency and answers better!

Breezy Tips and FAQs

How do I use Breezy's services?

To use Breezy’s service, simply click on the chat box in the lower right-hand corner of our website and type in your questions. You can also call Breezy at (302) 739-4496.

Can I speak to Breezy over the phone?

Yes! You can call Breezy anytime at (302) 739-4496. When speaking with Breezy, make sure not to have background noise or Breezy will have trouble hearing your request.

What if Breezy cannot answer my question?

If Breezy cannot complete your requests, no worries! Breezy will direct you to a Del-One FCU representative where we can assist you further with your request. If you are calling after business hours, you may leave a voicemail and one of our teammates will reach back out to you during regular business hours.